-A little info -

Cigar Factory Puros de la Ceiba was established in Puerto Plata in 2022. The Owners of Puros de la Ceiba have been in the industry for 5 years.

Puros de la Ceiba has a loyal following with a long list of satisfied, repeat customers. The factory produces over 5,000 cigars per month. Puros de la Ceiba Cigars will be available in Retail Stores very soon. The main factory’s cigar museum houses the only known relics left from a bygone era of manufacturing in Puerto Plata from the late 1900′s, when its port received tobacco from Cuba and other Caribbean countries.

One literally takes a step back in time when entering Puros de la Ceiba. It’s pulsating Latin sounds and aromatic scents beckon passers by to indulge in the rich history of the city and the tradition of fine cigar smoking. Puerto Plata is one of the last city’s where you can still enjoy your favorite cocktail and a hand-rolled cigar as you stroll down century old pathways and revel in the uniqueness that is “The Big Easy”.

As we say “Laissez les bon ton roule” ….. “Let the good times roll!”